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hmmm well got told that i shouldnt get to go home early from work on xmas because i dont believe in god....LOL!!!!!!!
Dec 12 2017 11:02 PM
  • Khundekling's Photo
    Hope you gave them a history lesson!
    Dec 14 2017 09:52 AM
  • IslandBruja's Photo
    Wow. Reminds me (in reverse) of when I was in high school and told my boss at work I should get "Fresh Air Breaks" because I don't smoke and all of the smokers were getting extra breaks I didn't get. It worked. Hehehe.
    Dec 15 2017 10:19 PM
  • GhostAndTheWolf's Photo
    haha I hear ya IB!

    yeah no I haven't given him much of anything, he's one of two buddies I have left after leaving religion and im struggling with tellin him off because of that haha. he's said it to me three more times since that first time and been a little more pissy each time. guess we'll see what comes next.

    Dec 27 2017 06:47 PM