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  2. THANKS @Aurelian LOL LOL. LOL, LOL, LOL , ROFL and LOL some more!!!!!!
  3. I like the way you put it....quickly hurried away from those HaHa. I did FB for a few years; joined a variety of spiritual practices and belief groups. But whew it was just to much. It got to be overwhelming. Such chaos and lunacy! Although I must admit conversing with people from such a variety of countries was fascinating and educational. Loved the way some Australians and Africans phrased things and many words they used were so different from here in the states. They and I had some chuckles when we had little or no idea what the other really said or meant! Still have a FB account but only visit weekly to do the clean up of Messages, Friend requests etc. And check on the few friends/family I monitor.
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  5. That's very interesting, I'll add them to my list so when I visit Britain again I'll make sure to visit them.
  6. Fire away, send a PM, I'll answer unless it is personal or will lead to men in white coats come knocking at my door. I'm sure whoever is hanging around would deal with the issue but the price is probably be higher than I am interested in paying. Haha, I don't think I ever believed in God/Satan, it was straight onto demons. I have no idea where it came from, the idea, not the entity. I recall using Ouija at a very young age, probably got that from some horror flick as my mom was into those, but I was already in that headspace, don't know why. Anyway, I came back to the forum today because something happened yet again, nothing big this time however no other explanation.Lately I have been looking for forums and FB groups, joined some and quickly hurried away from those. My answer certainly was not there. Thing is, I don't want to get rid of it, that would be like ripping out one of my vital organs. After all this time it has grown to be a part of me, the perks are great, even the bad ones I suppose.
  7. Demons have been on my mind since I was very young, I don't know where the knowledge came from at such a young age. My family is not religious, can't imagine it came from school or friends. All I remember is Ouija board and possibly The Lesser Key of Solomon and/or Goetia. Anyone else have a similar experience, can't understand exactly how it happened yet have a entity on your side ?
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  9. Thanks AAF9, I did a series of small acrylic eclipse paintings, most of which my oldest Son now has. Several Solar Flare ones and of course Moon eclipses in different stages. they were a lot of fun to do. They also have gold leafing on them. It gives them another dimension. I must confess that the Northern Lights picture was one of the first paintings I did. In fact I seem to think my earliest efforts are actually my best.
  10. I am in wide eyed amazement and shock to find out by reading this, and other threads, that I have been doing witchcraft all of my life... Mods, I wrote in my Profile that I just started WC a few years ago...that is wrong!! LOL I just didn't know that is what it was and I didn't put a name/label on it. The posts by @Whiterose and @ArcticWitch describe how I lived daily during working hours most of my career. I was so WC/Magic unaware that I didn't know that is how I projected a persona, protected myself, changed to be what I needed to be when I needed to and manipulated situations. Comments by my bosses like: "your presence is so strong when you enter the area everyone turns and looks" and "I have never seen anyone get into and out o trouble so fast", make more sense now. Dam, I want to go back in time and get a redo knowing what I know now. Many heads would roll !!! and I would rule the world !!! Just kidding. Well, except the heads rolling part. Hum... LOL
  11. That was true, many years ago. I cut it off when I lost what I had on top. I don't care for the Bald-With-A-Ponytail or Benjamin Franklin look. So I just keep it shiny all over. Easier to charge under a full moon.
  12. When I mentally picture you Sagefire, you have long hair! In a ponytail!
  13. @NorwegianWitch The ancient Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Isis resemble your description.. I knew I had seen it before somewhere.
  14. Mine has fallen out. I don't feel a difference magically speaking.
  15. Many cultures such as pre-Empire Rome, Japan, Native American, and others believed that hair was a source of either strength or magical abilities. I would add that keeping it healthy should also be part of this, trim your dead ends, eat healthier foods, since I healthy body overall produces better magical results. I think the length of hair is up to personal view. I've known people with short hair that can do some amazing things as well as people with long hair. If having long hair gives you that extra boost than keep it. If not then cut it. It's all about how you connect with nature and its endless possibilities. I hope this helps in some way.
  16. @NorwegianWitch Wow. So many questions my curious inquisitive mind really wants to ask....but this isn't the place or time (to public). And you may not want to answer them. :) :) In my much younger life I would have said: "OMG it is the devil/Satan and you had better immediately do intense spiritual warfare and exorcism to get rid of that evil dude as fast as possible!!! LOL But at this stage in my life journey I don't know. I used to internet converse with a nice and communicative actively practicing lifelong Satanist willing to disclose and share. But haven't done so for years...If I can remember or find on my computer where/how to contact him I will pass info on to you. He may be able, willing to tell you what he knows or what his opinion is . Also, Surely someone here knows. Hope you find what you need!
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  18. Well Done! Your Wheat Sheave is beautiful! The Sprits will be pleased!
  19. This is amazing!!! Exactly the sort of item I want to be selling when we get the farm store set up! Very inspiring! I just uncorked some very crappy blackberry wine I bottled last summer, but this is over the top for sure.
  20. It looks like a few of us did some baking for Lughnasadh, so thought I'd start a thread asking those who did if you would like to share. Usually I'm lazy and just end drinking beer and eating donuts lol But this year I decided to make an effort. I made a Harvest Wheatsheaf Loaf as an offering to the local land spirits, which I left out until the First Grain Moon and then divided it into four and placed around my property. The mouse is traditional. It's a Harvest Mouse, which got it's name as they were only usually seen when the crops were harvested and they would run out of the field.
  21. I love the Eclipse of the Sun with Solar Flares. You've certainly inspired me, must get out my easel and start painting again. I recently moved to a place by the sea.....my favourite subject! Loving the Northern lights pictures too. You seem to have put an incredible amount of energy put into them. You can feel it x
  22. Morticia. One of my first crushes.
  23. Lol true-- still, lots of really good ideas here!
  24. I've tried all sorts of music. My granddaughter likes to use classic rock. Good girl!
  25. No I hav'ent, but I think it might be something to try. Classical music might do the trick!
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