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Life Around Me...



Ok...I sit here tonight...listening to my oldest daughter laughing with her friend (one of my previous students) and I find myself really missing her already. She leaves tomorrow to return to her home in New York.


She came down so I could fly out to New Orleans for a much needed vacation and stayed an extra week to be with me.


As much as I say that I am pretty thick-skinned about my husband being in Iraq and my daughters not being at home...I know deep down inside I miss them all very much and realized while I was in New Orleans how lonely I truly was for company and someone to laugh with or to talk to.


I guess that is why I want to move to New Orleans so bad right now. In New Orleans I can be alone but there is so much life around me I really didn't feel the emptiness.


Upon returning to the Keys...I realized how isolated I actually made myself. There are days I barely utter a sound from my own voice and the times I venture outside my front door, I can easily count on my hands.


At first I thought my photography would take up the void. It did and in a way it does. Same as my business. It does take up some time.


But the deathly loud silence in my house is at times more than I bargained for.


Yeah I am going to miss her and while I would never allow the girls or Ray to know how lonely I am...knowing this place I live will be dreadfully silent and even more empty tomorrow night is already bringing tears to my eyes.


During this whole week...my daughter and I laughed...fished...talked alot...cooked alot...watched movies together. It was really good to have her with me.


While...reading back over this I sound pretty wet noodle eh.


I guess i just didn't realize how lonely I truly was until I had life around me.




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Maybe you could do some exploring on the weekends? Or some traveling? Then you could take some of your beautiful pics ...


Btw..being lonely sucks...so I'm sending lots of hugs your way. <3

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Sorry that you have to be alone when you don't want to be. You can call me anytime and I'll listen to you babble if you want or you can listen to me babble, but I wouldn't recommend it!!!!! :P


All jokes aside...ever want to learn something you didn't have time for before now? Piano, guitar, a new language or practice your swordfighting? Something that takes some time to do and that you won't have time to do when Ray comes home.


Big HUGS hunny!!


Jaime, xo

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