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soap fairy


:shock: well everyone had just been telling me to go and talk to the parents and in one case ! Complete success , however the other mother just met me at the door with a stream of abuse because apparantly her little angelcan do no wrong , I've made it all up and called the little darling a druggie b.i.t.c.... hmmm sorry no that wasnt me did I just fall down a rabbit hole ... what tha ..

I dont use phrases like druggie b.i.t.c..... if she said I'd called her daughter a nymphomaniac drug user who was going to have contracted syphillis before her 21 st then I would have believed her !

Anyway , The whole thing made me really upset because it just set off memories of everything , I sobbed in front of my neighbours {never a good look !} I spent 90% of the night sobbing and had the first fag I've had in 10 mnths !:eek::wacko::doh: and I know now where the daughter learnt in from ...if anything the daughter's more reasonable and a nicer person !

Anyway .. I've signed us up to every home swap site I could find and we are definatly , definatly moving as far away from people as is humanly possible ....will keep you posted but theres a very nice little bungelow in sight of the local neolithic rude man {hes a crickteer!} ,

It just needs a third person with a flat in poole that wants to move here and we're laughing so get your hats on girls and boys and give us a good old samhain power up !:flirt:do you know if it wasn't for you guys and other half I think I'd be looking at one of those jackets with the special sleeves that do up in the back !


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soap fairy


Thanks Leigh , I'm feeling a bit more together today because I did a major clean up and a car boot {made about ?40 which is always good!}

So seeing the positive a bit more now ..

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