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Feeling totally hacked off !!

soap fairy


Spoiler *** This wll be a rant ***


I feel completley hacked off and fed up . The little darlings in the carpark have now subsided to just making oh so offensive comments every time they see me or the OH which ok , I should be mature and not react but by god I want to slap them . I can feel my palms itching as I write !!!:mad: And the worst thing is that I'm starting to obssess which is invariably a bad sign for me because it means I coming up for another bout of depression :confused:

I'm going to have to do something but I'm not sure what . At the moment the options are

1 Track down parents but seeing as how we are in a housing estate they may not even care

2 ring the police everytime I see the little so and sos

3 Ignore it and hope they get bored

4 Get my scythe and go and out there and get psychotic on their asses!

That and dealing with the fact that Belezebubub is now having v v v violent temper tantrums {I have a black eye from the last one } and may need to go to a special needs school and work is sheeeett at the moment {a patient threatened to stab one of collegues the other day } .

weeeelll I'm seriously considering option 4:flirt:

Rant now finished


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Damn girlie you sound as bad as me LOL! Try stepping back from the situation for a day and let yourself cool down then review your options.


Somemtimes a good cooling off period is more helpful than you might think :)

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You prob feel better after ranting!! Ignore the little shits, get some spellwork going and deal with them that way. ;)

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I know how you feel. Kids (I use the term loosely, most are about my age!) sit on the steps outside my door and "tag" all over it (my door that is), my windows and the security door to the back garden. They always wind my dog up and shout stuff to me thought my door and when I come and go. I feel so trapped sometimes. The thing is the area I live in is not the best, but I've been in worse. Its just they always come to my door since its a little secluded =(. I've rang the police and they basically said theres nothing they can do. So.. yeah.. I know how you feel. Oh they also piss up my door alot, that really pissed me off... excuse the pun.

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