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Wiccans in School!

Dark Phoenix



Hello everyone,


Today started out as a normal day...got up at 5:45 am, ate breakfast, went to school...Then in first period we had a subsitute which gave the class the whole period to just sit and talk with each other. So about four of us (myself and three girls) were just talking and witchcraft came up out of the blue (Not by me ;)) and this one girl was like "Oh yea, I have been studying Wicca for like 5 years." My mouth hung open like there was no tomorrow . I was just like "WTF?" but I handled it rather calmly and all I said was, "O I dont practice THAT stuff, I prefer the old traditional ways! :cool:". Then another girl said she is trying to learn Tarot reading because her Aunt does it and she uses a deck passed down in the family. So yea I have a Wiccan in my class! How joyful! :stinky::cursing:


Joe :cool:



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How nice. Maybe later you can show her what real witches are like :)

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Odds are good it won't be the last teenage wiccan you'll meet. lol. Just watch out for the fluffy dealers in the school yard.


"Psst... hey, kid. Wanna see my bunny?"




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