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Spirit Walking



About a week ago, while talking with AnjelWolf in chat she asked me if something was wrong. I replied no, nothing was wrong. Anjel said: Don?t lie to me I can feel that something?s not right.? Again I made the same reply. She asked if something went wrong on my last mission. And again I made the same reply. I assured her that everything was fine, and she had nothing to worry about. By the end of our conversation, she asked me to be careful and don?t take any chances. We said our goodnights and our usual I love you?s, and I signed off to get some much needed sleep. Only this was not going to be the case, not this night.

As I climbed into bed and cover up, I quickly began to slip into a deep restful sleep. But with in moments I was awakened by a an old familiar voice. They told me to get dressed that I was needed. So I did what I was told. And when I stepped threw the door to see what I was needed for, I was no longer where I had been. The door had closed behind me with a thud, had I was out side in a wooded area. I turned back around and everything was gone and all I could see was the woods, as if they where circling around me. Before me laid a path and it stretched far into the woods. At this point I was starting to get worried. An the usual questions began to race threw my head like a freight train that just lost it breaks. Where was I? How did I get here? How was I getting back? Who brought me here? Why was I brought here? And about million other questions all worded differently, but all meaning the same.

That?s when I heard the voice again, and all my fear washed a way. He asked me why I was startled by this place. That I was home, there was nothing to fear ?Yet?, and his voice trailed off. As I walked down the path before me, a wolf stepped from behind a tree next to it. I did not fear him for I have a great love of wolves, and he showed no aggression towards me. At that point I heard the voice again, it was coming from the wolf. He didn?t move his mouth for the words, but I could hear him as plain as day. We talked just by thing about what we wanted to say. He told me that he has always been there for me and has helped me before. I knew this to be true, for the wolf has always been my guide and teacher. And I also knew that something was wrong, I could sense it.

He told me that a battle was going to take place, and that I would have to be ready if I was to survive. He walked me down the path to a darkened spot, an told me that I would face many tests before I could leave. I asked him if he would stay with me on this journey to guide me through as he has done before, but he only motioned me forward. I proceeded on as I was instructed to. At first the tasks came easy to me, for I have done them before. Surviving off the land and healing simple wounds, but as the days went by the tasks became harder, and harder. I learned to move energies threw me, redirecting their power for other purposes. It was very draining and with little rest. At last I came to what I thought was the end of the trail. Once again my teacher, my friend, my brother stood before me. He told me that when it was time, I would be called upon. And he was gone in just a blink on an eye. And I was left standing there, wondering how I was going to get back.

All of the sudden, I felt a hand on my shoulder shake me slightly. I turned over and it was my student, friend, and collogues. He said that he was sorry to wake me before my shift started, but he had to talk with me about something. I asked what time was it as I set up in my own bed quickly. He said it was 2230hrs. I thought to myself, I had slept almost 24hrs. And my whole body hurt all over, and I didn?t know why. At that time, I couldn?t remember what I had dreamed about. So we stepped out side and he proceeded to tell me, that for the last 2 days he has sensed something in the air. Something not right was close by or about to happen. He needed to get it off his chest and I was they only one he could talk to about this. Because I was the only other person he new and trusted, that had the same believes as him. So we talked and as he did, my dream started to come back to me. In full detail, everything he was telling me was to close to my own dream. His familiar had for told of trouble on the horizon, and that he had to prepare himself for what laid ahead. I told him of my dream, an he was shocked. Then I told him that Anjel Wolf had felt that something was wrong as well, and he about hit the floor in shock. So we continued on sharing our thoughts, and decided to just keep a watchful eye out for anything at out of the ordinary. Then next day when I got line, I told Anjel about my spirit walk, and then told her about my student and friend having the same style of dream. She asked me to be more careful of the next few days or weeks. I said that I would, and over the next week, the bad guys here in Iraq have been stepping up in there nasties. No one that I have road with has yet to be hit bye the enemy. And with any luck my men under me won?t have anything to worry about.

Sorry this is a little wordy, but I have never been good at getting my thoughts and feelings out in short an direct sentences. But thank you for bearing with me on this, it meant a lot in getting it out.


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you are always walking with me babe, weather by my side or in my thoughts, i hold counsel with you and the day(s) just flys by. and leigh thank you an i will be as careful as i can, but remember some times we have to take chances i order to protect others, but still, thank you very much :)

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Been there, done that. Stick to the battle drills for initial contact. Adjust as required. Call on me for strength if required. I will be there (I never left).



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