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What a fun wedding!


That is such a cool cake! If you have any pics of it full-on, I'd love to see them! (The baker in me is screaming out :D)

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Thanks Leigh, when I get better pictures I'll post them. My sister is such an expert. The cake itself is lemon-flavored with blueberry frosting. The colored stuff on the cake is airbrushed fondant. She topped it with two skeletons, and lots of chocolate vines. I cried when I saw it, it's the most amazing cake ever.

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Awwwwww.... You and the new hubby, look really cute together. I wish both of you the best!!! I have to agree, that cake looks does look awesome and so did you!! I love the dress! Lemon & Blueberry... yum. Your sister is very talented.

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