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Twilight Remembrance




As the sun looses its grasp on the day and the night brings fourth the darkness. It carries with it, a calm peaceful relaxation. Like that of a soft sigh of relief.


As the stars come out one by one into the sky. They project a body of softness. As if they were to be touched, the feeling would be smooth an velvety as they crossed the land. Like the soft flowing curves of a sensuous body.


The ponds so deep, full, and engulfing. They seem to be filled with so much wonderment and understanding. But yet with a slight twinkle of excitement in them.


As the trees sway back an fourth ever so gently to the unforeseen wind, with it's gentle warm breeze blowing. As if it's trying to whisper something ever so quietly, but yet seductive into a listeners ear.


And they ask why I love the twilight so. Because it's like being with you, even when we're apart.



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LOL! Hey now I"m jealous! I don't get roses! Well...not anymore since Ray left LOL!

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