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When neighbors go bad!



Wow, I know that people can be rude but some people just steal the cake and run with it.


One of my neighbors just happens to be that kind of person. I won't go into the whole thing. In a nutshell she had her music up loud enough that I could not here my own, in my own apt. This has happened before and I go and ask very nicely to turn it down. For some reason I didn't expect to get a raised voice from her but I did.:mad:

That being said and knowing how many times I have had to ask....I got mad...real mad. I try to be very considerate to everyone I meet, as such, I expect the same in return.


So, now I am franticly looking in my puny grimoire looking for a solution to this problem. None to be found!! Arg! :mad:Wait a second I have an idea! I will make a poppet! Great idea except I have no "baddies" to put in it! Only herbs that promote happiness and shit. :mad:


So there I was draining all my anger and still not finding anything! Damnit being new to something can suck sometimes!


Then...the music was off...and I hear the door close! Next thing I know my headache that I had all day was gone and I relaxed!


Sweet.... I guess some times you get help when you really can't do it your self.


Honestly though I was so angry I wanted to make a poppet and put real shit in it.:shock: But that may be an idea for another time:rolleyes:..then again maybe not....

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Something I have noticed is that some times it can take up to a couple of months or so for things to pan out. If I come across anything I will send it your way also.

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