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My first go at house clearing

Rowan's Light


Well my daughter has finally happily toddled off to nursery and I am for the first time in 6 years BY MYSELF :banana:


So I have taken the opprtunity to attempt to clear my house from the grounded spirits that live with us - well they don't pay rent!


Really, the house has a heavy depressive feel to it and it does affect my daughter as well as me so it was time to sort it out.


I'm not going into the hows and what I did but I had some very good advice given to me from this site (I don't want to say who unless they are happy for me to) and undertook this today.


All in all I did 2 separate ones and they were very different one made me feel very lighthearted and funny and the other - very low and depressed.


So fingers crossed it has worked. My home feels nicer now and I'm buzzing like I just ate a jar off coffee:lolol:.


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Sound like everything worked as planned. Nice to have a comfortable feel to a home, especially if you are alone. Now for the wallpaper! Your advice could have been from any of seven people I can think of off the bat, but my bet would be the one with a furry friend and a wild eyed frog.

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