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When I became a Witch



I wouldn't have said it at the time, but I became a witch when I was about 20. Don't get me wrong, I had Witchy tendencies as a child, but I had an experience in which I ceased to be Wiccan and became a Witch.


It was through necessity that a choice was made and when I look back I'm so thankful that a negative experience became the positive memory it is today. Let me explain:


My maternal grandfather is an abusive man. There's a negativity in him which I don't understand and that's ok, cause I don't have to and don't want to. I have memories of violence that a child ought not to have. I'm not whiny about it or anything. I think it's made me part of the person I am today. I think I'm stronger because of it, but I also believe I have a pent up rage because of it too!


My grandfather's always been physically/verbally/emotionally abusive towards his family and the holidays really bring it out in him. He is especially so towards his wife and I view this woman like a second mother. Naturally I feel protective of her, but I could never do anything because he was sly about how he did things. To this day I've never seen him physically abuse or threaten my grandmother. Just after-stories that my Nan and aunt (who also lived with them) told me.


This one Christmas I was home for the holidays from university. My mom's got a large family and most of us try to make it home when we can but moreso for Christmas. On this certain night a few of the family gathered at Nan & Pop's and had decided to take the party down to the home of one of my uncles because "Happy" (that's my mom and my pet name for my grandfather when he's in a mood) had decided to go on one of his rampages and completely forbid any partying in the house.


My parents and I went to pick up my aunt(the one who used to live with them) and my Nan to bring them to the party. Nan had decided not to go (she's a real homebody and it's hard to get her to go anywhere!) but my aunt was ready. I passed the living room where my grandfather was watching TV, eerily silent and went up to my Nan's room to give her a kiss before leaving. I found her very afraid. She didn't want any of us to go. She wanted us to stay because she was afraid he'd try and hurt her should we leave them alone. I don't even remember making a decision, but I asked my Nan if she trusted me. She looked at me with glassy eyes and said very quietly, "yes."


I quickly found a piece of paper (I don't even remember what I wrote on it now) and wrote something on it which I believed would bind him. I folded it up and began winding red thread around it while repeating what I had written. I looked at my Nan, whose eyes were as wide as saucers, and I told her to keep the little red trinket safe and he wouldn't be able to physically cross her bedroom threshold. If he did manage to do it, I told her to send my uncle Pat (her son, who had died 5 or 6 years previously around that time of year) to fetch me and I'd come back and deal with it. She nodded her head and placed the little piece of paper bound with red thread into her bra.


I went to the party. Nothing happened at my grandparents and the rest is history.


For many years after, I tried to follow the Rede and 3 fold law of the Wiccans, but I knew that if I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing...except maybe I'd make it a little stronger!! lol


It's interesting how the Craft solutions just come to you when someone you love is being threatened. :twisted:

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