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I'm dreaming of music regularly. Sometimes the whole dream is just music. Other times it's a dream about something with music that relates to the dream like a soundtrack. Other times the dream is about something that explains the music that comes. Other times the music comes for no apparent reason and has nothing to do with the dream. I wake up and switch on my piano, hit record and smash out the music. It's strange having 2am midnight songwriting sessions, it doesn't feel very magical at the time it feels more like I need to get back to sleep but feels like a strange magical memory the next day.

I don't have time to do anything with that music right now but I will need it for later so I file it away.

I keep praying for more music, I'll be grateful for whatever I get 🙏 inspiration isn't infinite and can run out at any moment. We are mortal and we get what we get. There are enough recorded scraps to sustain me for some time, maybe there are enough already but more could never hurt

Waking up to write it down is a new habit for me but dreaming music is not. sometimes in the past i would depend more on my memory to write it down in the morning but i don't do that anymore because it is so easy to forget, most times i won't remember it, it just evaporates.

when i hear it in the dream, sometimes i wake up spontaneously or sometimes i decide to wake up to write it down. sometimes when i decide to wake up, at that point in the dream, one of my family members who stifled / oppressed / enslaved me in my past appears and attempts to prevent me from leaving the dream, and i have to shake them off. it's real resistance, they're grabbing and restraining my dreamself, and i have to resist the urge to focus on yelling at them because that would require losing focus on the music, i have to just leave the dream. it feels pretty satisfying to wake up with the music still in my mind and record it. F U, I'm living my own life with my small scraps of fairy musics, you can't stop me 🎶

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