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blue lizard local spirit



i was in my house. it had somehow filled up with leaf litter that had been blown in by the wind and i was starting to sweep it up. a lizard had also somehow come in, it was slithering or scuttling around through the leaves. it looked like a regular medium sized skink lizard at first but when i looked closer i realised it was more geckolike, and it was a bright woad blue with black and white symbols on its body and it didn't really have a head, it had something else instead but im not sure what. it seemed anxious, it was not afraid of me but it was acting a bit like an afraid gecko. i picked it up and it gripped onto me, and i realised it wanted me to take it outside. i took it out the front and released it, and it scurried off into the garden. My cat who my mother put down was playing on the lawn, she was happy and healthy. i invited her into my house, she came in and I gave her a hug. when i woke up i felt like her spirit has found me and decided to come and live with me.

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not the first time i have dreamed about visitations in my house. it always feels really strange to have something happen in my house in a dream. i guess there it is to be expected since this is the place where i spend most of my time. but it always makes things feel more "real" somehow when they happen here in a dream.

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