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My interest in Witchcraft IV



I met my second husband, literally coming up my front porch. I stepped outside to find a U-Haul truck sitting across the front yard's grass. My roommates and other people were standing around it, and coming up the porch stairs was a young man, holding a large oak table top over his head.   He carried it as if it weighed nothing at all. I was very impressed, for he didn't look like he had much muscle. He continued to impress with the number of items he brought into the apartment and the speed he did it all in. He seemed to run circles around the rest of us. It wasn't just the energy, there was so much more to him I really can't explain. He let off this essence that made you want to be around him. He spoke quietly, if he spoke at all, and he had a subdued personality. Which didn't seem to match his energy level.  

Turns out my roommates thought I might like him, so the boyfriend/confidant asked him to help move our stuff into the apartment. He seemed to like my company and hung around after the move-in. The chemistry between us was amazing. During the next couple of weeks, when he wasn't at work he was hanging out at the apartment. We spent a lot of time together alone in my room until the boyfriend/confidant got jealous and nosy. He didn't like that we kept the door closed and called family meetings out of the blue which the new guy wasn't allowed to attend. Being that he wasn't part of the 'family'. But then, the boyfriend/confidant sprung it on me. If the new guy were to move in with me, he could help pay the rent and I would have a new bed mate. 


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