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Autumn Equinox



Well, today is the Autumn Equinox. My husband and I normally celebrate the festivals together so this year I think I will still celebrate it but in a quieter and more subdued manner.


I have hung autumn leaves garland throughout my kitchen and placed mini pumpkins around as well. My kitchen table has a pretty pale green table cloth with a dark forest green runner. I have placed small amber colored candle holders with small green tealight candles in them on my table. I also scattered small decorative autumn leaves around to give it that "autumn" tone. Of course I went out and purchased our annual cinnamon broom and hung it up in place of the older one in our kitchen as well.


I had planned out a small gathering feast for later tonight with my students and a a few friends...but everyone seemed to have forgotten the plans and have since made their own plans of hanging our with friends and/or doing something on the water (boating, swimming, etc.). That is ok as well, this year, as much as I have tried to say that while my husband is gone, my life will continue on well without him, I feel different about it all now.


The desire to be a festive during these sabbats just doesn't seem to be as strong as it normally feels.


So, instead of me preparing a meal and a ritual, I plan on going out and gathering some wild plants in my area and making a broom and other things with them. Then I will come home, make a sandwich and meditate for a bit and probably hang out here online if anyone is around then go to bed.


Somewhere during that time I will make time to meet my new student and discuss with her what she hopes too get out of me as a teacher and what she hopes to get from herself as well.


Yes, this Sabbat will be more subdued than previous ones. That's ok though as I have said, in all actuality I am just waiting around for my husband to return home so we can once again live as one.


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Dark Phoenix


I actually just convinced my mom to let me get down from the attic the autumn decorations so we can decorate! I think you will have a lovely Sabbat!!!

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Hope you had a lovely time ANjel, glad to see Ray managed to get online for a while too :)

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