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My First gathering....



Well I got some cool news to share tonight. I just went to a guided chakra Meditation group tonight. It was a bit odd at first cause I did not know anyone there, found it on Witchvox. Anyway I as we started we stood in a circle and someone led in a meditation welcoming, and all of a sudden she ended with "blessed be" I was like oh boy I'm surrounded by Wiccans lol. But I stood still and just let that part go in one ear and out the other. The cool thing for me was for the very first time doing this I was able to actually see the colors of the chakras as we hit each one. except for Indigo, because I had no idea what color that even was. anyway after we went through all the colors we went into a free fly or what ever you call it, I was able to at that point see myself flying as I had in a dream so many years ago. I was in the form of a bird and when I flew over the water I saw my reflection and I was an eagle it was awesome. At the end of it all we shared with the group what we saw and everyone was impressed with what I saw being my first time, as was I. All in all it was a great first time. Putting aside the fact that it was a Wiccan grp I thought it was fun.


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I am so happy for you :) It sounded as if you had a truly wonderful time :)

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It doesn't matter WHO you're surrounded by, as long as the experience is meaningful to YOU then it's a good one. Do like you did - take what you need from the experience, and enjoy.


Glad you had a good time. :D

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I trully did. am looking forward to doing it again. As long as my work schedule permits lol

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