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Egyptian Magic

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Magical papayrus



The papayrus collection at the University library in Oslo is not available to most people and many are not likely aware of its existance. My fascination with Egypt started at an early age, and especially my interest in Egyptian magic.

Here is a few magical papyrus that might be of interest:

Amulet - An amulet, containing a binding spell, using magical words and tokens to invoke various powers, among which Christ the Lord, to protect the house with all its inhabitants. Protection is asked in particular against spirits of the air, evil eye, pain and sting of scorpion and snake. Chi, Mu, Gamma in the upper margin, Alpha, Cross, Omega (twice), staurogram, acronym ICHTHYS at the end of the text.


Translation : "Hor Hor Phor Phor, Yao Sabaoth Adonai, Eloe, Salaman, Tarchei, I bind you, artemisian scorpion, 315 times. Preserve this house with its occupants from all evil, from all be­witchment of spirits of the air and human (evil) eye and terri­ble pain [and] sting of scorpion and snake, through the name of the highest god, Naias Meli, 7 (times) (?), XUROURO AAAAAA BAINCHOOOCH MARIIIIIIL ENAG KORE. Be on guard, O lord, son of David according to the flesh, the one born of the holy virgin Mary, O holy one, highest god, from the holy spirit. Glory to you, O heavenly king, Amen."


An agoge - prescriptions for how to attract a person.


Translation ..at the proper time purify [yourself for seven days and] take myrrh ink and [write] on [pure] papyrus ... of baths: ""Come here to me ... who have the power .../... and go into the house ... after causing fright and [after] hiding ... of the door. For by the contribution (?) of her ... by your [power, attract] to me her, NN, whose mother is NN, because ... /... to find sleep and ... brain ... of sacred phantoms Verso:... of the sea ... / [who copulate in the ocean, PSOI PHNOUTHI NINTHER, you are the one who are] daily visible [and who set in the northwest] of heaven, [and rise in the southeast. In the 1st hour] you have [the form of a cat; your name is PHARAKOUNETH. In the 2nd hour you have the form] of a dog; your name is / [SOUPHI. In the 3rd hour you have the form of a snake; your name is] ABERAN NEMANE [THOUTH. In the 4th hour you have the form of a scarab]: [your] name is [SESENIPS. In the 5th hour you have the form] of an ass; [your] name is [ENPHANCHOUPH. In the 6th hour you have the form of a lion]; your name is [BAISOLBAI ... who control] time. / [In the 7th hour you have the form of a goat; your name is] OUMESTHOTH. In the 8th hour you have the form of a bull; your name is [DIATI-PHE, who becomes invisible] ....


Spell of attraction.


Translation : "I adjure you by the twelve elements of heaven and the twenty-four elements of the world, that you attract Herakles whom [Ta]epis bore, to me, to Allous, whom Alexandria bore, immediately, immediately; quickly, quickly."




Hope you enjoyed it ! 

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Very interesting, thanks.  I liked the photos of the actual writing of the Spell,

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@NorwegianWitch Amazing. Have scientists or others managed to establish the Date on these? 

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6 hours ago, Homeschoolie said:

Amazing. Have scientists or others managed to establish the Date on these? 

From what I can gather they are different dates but among the oldest are fragments dated from 34 CE.

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