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Elvis Presley's Lucky Number



Last night I was dreaming of a lot of things, I was exhausted and having a deep sleep so it was all messy and confusing in the dreams, and not very memorable. But there was one part where there was a woman incarnation of Elvis Presley. And for some reason there was a discussion in the dream of the reasons of proof for why she was a legitimate Elvis incarnation and it had to do with numerology.

In the dream I knew that Presley’s “lucky number” was 4, and it was the same for this woman. I was saying "she's him because his lucky number is 4". In the dream I could apprehend the properties of the number 4 as an entity, with its own form and qualities. I drifted out of sleep and googled on my phone “Elvis Presley lucky number numerology” and the first result said “Elvis Presley Lucky Number 4″.

It gave me a cold feeling. I was expecting it to be like that type of dream where you find a book in the dream and you're convinced it's real, but when you wake up you look the title up and it doesn’t exist outside the dream. I know that a lot of people must have the lucky number 4. But it creeped me out. I realised that I had been laughing at my dream, I had never expected for the search result to confirm my dream and I never wanted it to. I would have been happier for it to be any other number and for my dream to be just wrong. I would have never expected that I would get creeped out over something so inconsequential but I did.

I have no interest in Elvis Presley or numerology and I don’t know why I would even dream about those things. I don't know what a lucky number is, and I don't know my own lucky number. I would have forgotten about the dream but when I woke up this morning and looked at my phone I found the browser window still open. I don't really want to have a dream like that again. But it was kind of interesting.


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