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Getting organised




I was running through a complex or office building with a companion, they were running ahead of me. We were running towards some destination where we had a task to complete, perhaps some work task. It was a normal dream situation, of an extended story that makes no sense at all. My companion in the dream was not even particularly important and I can't remember anything about them except that they were there. I think we worked together in the dream situation. They were not a fairy, just a figment.

We were running down a narrow stairwell like the type that is a fire escape inside an office building, it had a naked concrete floor and the walls were painted white with black handrails running along them. At the bottom of the stairs was a small right-turning rectangular area like a landing that terminated in an exit that the dream companion and I were rushing towards. Standing in the landing were a couple of fairies dressed in business attire, a regular looking man and a woman, with the woman closest to the exit from the stairwell. Both of them were facing the stairs with their backs facing the wall at the bottom of the stairs. I knew they were fairies straight away because of their realness and solidity, they were appearing opportunistically, completely out of place in the unstable and changing nonsense of the dream. They had nothing to do with the logic of that dream, they were foreign.

On their right, next to the wall that was the left staircase wall as we were descending, was a whiteboard that the fairy man was pointing at. He was looking at me severely, angrily, but I wasn’t menaced by him at all. I think that if a fairy wants you to feel menaced, you will feel menaced, but he wasn't like that, he was just acting. The whiteboard said mainly that I wasn’t working hard enough, I’ve been too lazy with all this time off, and it said something like “BACK TO BUSINESS!”

I woke up from the dream strongly feeling that the fairies wanted me to go out and buy a small whiteboard, which is what I did. I put it up in my study, on the middle wardrobe door where it will always be visible. Not that this is important but it looks AWESOME. I wrote all my tasks up on it and it's already been better than my ineffective bullet journaling of to-do lists inside a closed book. I have a huge number of tasks from both my work life and home life and I find it difficult to keep track of them. Drawing them all up like this somehow helps my mind organise them all. I can plan better which ones I want to do first and I forgot about this but some tasks are easier than others and those are generally the ones you should do first. And somehow seeing those tasks next to the difficult ones makes them seem a lot easier. Since putting up the whiteboard, I completed a few tasks that I was struggling to start on for months.

So I was happy that I followed the fairies advice. I actually think that the fairies may have wanted me to do this some time ago? I remember I had a similar dream where they told me I should make up a "mood board". But I thought that idea was so self-indulgent that I just posted up a few post-its on my wardrobe door and then eventually I took them down. But I think that if I had persisted with that, the board would have gone in a more task-oriented direction. Maybe it would help to make my task board incorporate a little bit of mood-board conceptualising. Or it wasn’t a mood board exactly... it was a self-concepts board... or an inspirations board... or a motivations board... is that what a mood board is? I don’t really know what a mood board is, it's just something fairies told me to do. And I don't think it was really a "mood board" anyway that's just how it translated.

I know that most people would find this completely weird and maybe even a bit delusional or dangerous, but I always do what fairies tell me to do. They have never told me to do anything that is dangerous or makes me afraid. They just tell me to do completely normal things. The things that they tell me to do always help me. I don't know why fairies want to help me.



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