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Oracle Reading - Lenormand




I've recently started learning about oracle cards and currently I am trying to bond with my Clair De Lune Lenormand oracle deck. Right now to familiarize myself with these cards I've only been doing two card readings. This post is about the very small session I did for myself yesterday in regards to my current relationship with my boyfriend whom I live with.

The first question I asked was for the cards to define my current relationship with my boyfriend.

For this I drew the heart and the whip.

The heart signifies what you would expect: love which I take as a direct representation of us. The whip signifies stress and repetition. I do agree with this as a general whole we've both been very stressed in all areas of our lives both personally as there have been a lot of stressful shifts but also with each other. Things have been a bit more tense than usual due to the stressful factors in our lives and we have been having a bit of a bout with repetition, doing the same exact routine every day without change or confronting anything that's been bothering us.


My second and final question was what we should focus on right now.

When I drew my cards I got the house and the bear.

The house could represent our physical apartment that we share but I think that since we've lived together for awhile now, despite not having kids or being matrimonially binding to one another I would consider us to have developed a familial relationship to one another. The bear symbolizes protection, nurturing, and strength.

With that in mind I feel like the cards are telling me that we need to focus on protecting what we currently have built between the two of us, also that we need to strengthen our bond. I think by being more attentive to one another's needs we would be successful with that.


Overall I feel like this reading was a success despite being it being so short and sweet. I feel like my energy was pretty in tune to the reading, I also shared my reading with my boyfriend after for verification to see what he thought, figuring it's only fair since he is one of the subjects in the reading this time around. He also found it to be accurate.

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Do you have an update, Bamfiz? Regarding the situation you asked about, or your Lenormand practice?

I am intrigued at the meaning for Whip you cite, which is more neutral than the meanings that I've found in my exploration of Lenormand. It seems as though your second reading's advice supports a more neutral, rather than negative, perspective on the Whip as well, as it's unlikely advice to focus on the extant familial home would come up in dangerous situations.

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