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So I have 2 dried mango seeds. One day I had a hunger for mango, this is a craving I have never had. I dont hate mango, I have just never thought "damn i could really go for a mango right now." But i digress. After i ate them i was left with the strong urge to save them. Something told me to save them and one day i will need them.


I have been trying to find info on the magical uses for it, but no real luck. Its a seed so it is clearly a symbol of new life, new beginnings. They traditionally come from warmer, more tropic climates, so it also symbolizes happiness and warmth.


Just wondering if there is a piece of folklore out there, or something that the internet isnt showing me.


Something told me to save it. So i have, and will. They are fully dry now, in a glass jar, on the shelf with all my other witchy goodies. But i was hoping someone knew something.



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I've never personally used mango seeds, but I know you can carve the pit of an avocado much the same way you carve a candle for various intention setting purposes. Maybe you can use mango seeds in a similar way?


It also occurs to me that it'd be good for some kind of fertility ritual....

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I have a mango tree in my yard, and I love mangos, lol. Perhaps it is just happiness and health? Full of vitamins, full of flavor, full of the magic of a happy and healthy existence? Mangos are often given as offerings to divinities.

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