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Well here goes nothing...

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Star Gazing

Dark Phoenix


Greetings all,


Well, tonight I got out my telescope and am just about to go outside and look into the stars. I have always loved and have always been interested in Space and things beyond this Earth. I enjoy looking at the moon, stars and hopefully one day a UFO!!! lol..Wish me luck!!! Cyall later!


Joe :cool:


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Flag them down when you see one and tell them to STOP picking on the rednecks in our country! LOL! If one more "Billy-Bob" has to tell his UFO story on nightly news, while chewing his tobacco, while his coon dog barks at the reporter...I think America will revolt and start a "Inter-Galactical Conflict" LOL!!!!!

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Hey DP - find the next comet and get it named after you. We can always use a comet named Dark Phoenix.

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Hey DP, somewhere out there is a star named Arabi. It was a b-day gift this year. Let me know how it looks, LOL.

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Dark Phoenix




Anjel, I will certainly do that..we dont want rednecks shooting the aliens with shotguns and getting vaporized!!!


Bobby, I couldnt agree more! A comet named Dark Phoenix would be awesome!!!


Arabi, really?? Thats cool, if I ever see it I will let you know lol.

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