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The blues is just a passing bird

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There was no beginning to this path I'm walking. No moment when I decided "I want to be a witch". It just... kind of happened. You see, when I was still a child I had these visions, sudden glimpses to the future. I didn't think much of it, since I thought everyone saw them. Later on I of course learned that that was not the case. I wish that I could learn to use this ability, but I've never been able to consciously reach that stage of mind. I just... kind of accidentally drift into it when I'm spacing out. If anyone has any suggestions how to work on this I would gladly take it! Another thing is that I don't really see anything important, just everyday moments from something that happens later on. Only use I've ever gotten from my visions is this sense of comfort. For me they work as this assuring that I'm still on the path I'm supposed to follow.


Half a year ago I met this guy online who I was instantly drawn towards. In the beginning he felt it too. It was definitely not accident that this happened and my intuition was telling me he was going to be really important to my life. What I failed to realize, however, was that maybe he was here to teach me a lesson and make me grow as a person instead of becoming my life long partner. After talking daily for 6months and living with him in a foreign country for 1 month, he broke my heart. Even though I was devastated we decided to stay friends and I still think he has some more lessons to teach me that are necessary for my growth.


How is this related to my visions you might ask? There were couple moments I had with him which I had seen beforehand, though at the time of seeing them I didn't realize I'd experience those moments with him in a totally different country. How foolish was I to let that calm my heart! I know I was supposed to be there, but what I learned was that we were also destined to break up. After I came back home, my heart in thousand pieces, something I had seen before happened. It was one of those mundane moments, which didn't seem important at the time the vision came to me. When that moment became true though I realized why it was something important for me to see: this was something inevitable and this vision confirmed the feeling I had had that none of what happened was in my hands.


Why is this so important? This breakup, as much as it broke my heart, guided me back to my path. By losing him, I ended up finding myself. I'm a phoenix who time after time keeps on burning to the ashes just to be born again. Since childhood butterflies have guided me and again it's time to observe them and follow their example. It's time to create a cocoon around myself so that some day when my metamorphosis is done, I'll hatch out as a beautiful butterfly. Right now I may not have wings, but with time they will grow and one day they'll carry me again.


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