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Who is this guy, pls help?





Today in the morning I received a distressing tarot reading about what November 2018 has in store for me, the user used a Alice in Wonderland tarot deck the image I've provided is from this Alice in Wonderland deck:

1. WHAT IS THE MAGIC IN YOUR LFE RIGHT NOW?5 of Pentaclesin this card we see Alice and the Fawn in “the wood where things have no names.” This is a place where no one knows who they are and nothing knows what it is. Things have no names, no concept of selves, no memories, no knowledge of their fears/likes or dislikes. It is some type of void space of nothingness. What the illusion shows is Alice and the Fawn in this place together, neither knowing anything about themselves, or each other but leaning on each other for support.

This version of the 5 of Pentacles emphasizes, not the traditional poverty this card depicts in the RWS, but how a companion who cares can make things easier to bare. I see you as the Fawn in this card, anxious, alert and scared. The magic in your life is confused, lost and blocked. You need help in order to access the true magic in your life. The magic in your life is associated with a person who cares deeply about you and is very concerned for you, that wants to help you. Let that person in your life, trust them, let them lead you through the woods where things have no name so that you can come out on the other side safely and whole so that you can truly the experience the magic in your life.”

This one part of that reading made me feel numb :embarased: to the core and could perfectly describe the current lifestyle -_- . Another thing that has been on my mind is that there’s someone around me :pinch: *possible male, romantic figure* who cares deeply and is concerned :geek: . Once I gotten home from work I used my deck to figure out the possible identity of this person :ninja: . In which I have come to the conclusion that this figure is obviously a bloke :blush: . Since I’ve drawn many sword cards for this question along with the Justice. I also understand that he is young so early 20s to 30s. I have covered all bases and moved on and asked if this bloke has any romantic :yucky: feelings present:
Knight of Cups (Reversed): If this were to represent a bloke he’d be the type who’d seduce for selfish reasons also he’d be the type who’d blame you for what his ex-did do to him. Feelings have been repressing his feelings which could soon turn into something more ‘sinister’.
Knight of Wands (Reversed): At the present time I’m confused about the meaning that the KnW n reversed meant for feelings so I’ve drawn the Tower Reversed. This card appears when someone has gone through a lot in life and or at the moment maybe now isn’t quite the right time for me to be asking such sensitive questions at the moment.
Knight of Pentacles: Feelings that have been expressed have been steady, dedicated which at times or can develop into clingy behavior. Another point of view is that this blokes feelings towards me are safe *meaning that they aren't going to change any time soon* which could also turn out that this bloke will feel locked up because of this behavior pattern.
If you don’t agree with the meanings that I have provided above or I’ve missed something feel free to let me know. If you’re willing to do a tarot exchange to help better understand this situation and the mystic bloke please also let me know.



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