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My Best Friend




Yesterday I lost my best friend. He was funny, amazing and brought me so much joy. He was the King of dogs. The house feels empty and quiet without him. My comfort is that he knew he was loved, he wanted for nothing and lived longer than most of his breed. Goodbye big fella, thank you for being my friend.



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So sorry for your loss of your best friend. I know what it feels like. And my own dog is now very old, so who knows how much longer she'll be with me.. Sending you lots of love and hugs!

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Thank you for your comment. It is still tough without him but thinking about him brings me more smiles than tears.

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Im sorry for your loss @urbanfox do understand that yes its sad that the 'physical death' of you best friend is heart breaking *which is a straight forward emotion/reaction to be expected from us humans* but this way *sorry if I offend* it is better as this way he is in spirit form so he can be forever with you EVERYWHERE and ANYWAY. Which is something that both humans and animals CANT do physically. 

hope this helps,

kind regards.

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