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I could use some help



Here in the north of The Netherlands I am a bit isolated. I could use some help for rituals and it would be so good to help a meeting in a park or other place, share food and drink in a ritual, telling each other what we are working on and exchange spells, amulets, energy, and help each other. I realize that we all come from different experiences, different traditions, different ways to work with witchcraft.


What would be really nice is just to get in touch, meet, talk, share food and drinks around a neutral altar that we can build together, and grow in our craft.


What do you think about that?


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I wish you were in the U.S. or I was in the Netherlands, because I like the idea. I'd so be there. Seems like most of us are isolated or solitary.

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Thank you again!

I would love to put something that represents you on my altar. Kindness doesn't know distance and so spiritual energy.


I am quite sure that in time I will find people to share time and crafting practices. Whispers run fast here like in every part of the world, I received already some requests of tarot reading, cleansing and making amulets, soon there will be someone to share an evening together, help each other and other people who may request some guidance.

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