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Healing in a different way




I'm sure that while we all have the same common belief I believe that most of us work differently to others and it's the sharing of our own knowledge and practices that make us aware of the true forces around us, outside of our own little worlds. I would like to share what some might see as an unusual way of healing but it works for me and those that come for help. I still use my hands quite a bit (never actual touching) but I use hugs an awful lot. I don't know quite how it works but I never question it. It seems to have intensified since I've started working with ancestors, this I got from this amazing site.


I always feel that I am guided in whether I should use hands or hugs and just recently I've worked with a young Lady who has breast cancer. I was guided to hug and the technique was to hold her, not very tight, and gain her complete trust. I asked her to realise that this was no ordinary hug and she should be very aware of the hug, not just put her arms around me. When she was ready I asked her to listen to her heartbeat and then her breathing. Over the next 5 minutes we syncronised our breathing so that eventually we were breathing in beautiful clean, positive, energy and blowing out all of the horrible, nasty, black, energy. Once our breathing was completely sycronised with all the right pauses in the right place something amazing happened. She appeared to disappear physically (not visually of course) and I could no longer feel her. I was enveloped in a golden light which was so peaceful. After 5 - 10 minutes I was awre that I could hear her breathing and she was back in my arms. Once I had "returned" I knew that the session had ended and very gently I let her go. She started crying which she said were tears of happiness and then she wanted to tell me of what she had just experienced. The most amazing thing was that she described to me exactly as I have descibed my own feelings/sensations that I have said on here. This was probably the most amazing experience for me and it is an experience that I want to build on. It's not all about cauldrons and dead animals, our own bodies are full of untapped energies that we haven't yet explored.


As I said earlier, this may not be for everyone but it certainly works for me.

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