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Ritual cleansing



There is this shop that has a problem, more than a customer reported a strange feeling when they walk alone in the basement and two of the guys working there can swear to have seen something like a vapor that comes together with unpleasant feelings.


One of the salesmen knows me and my craft, so he talked with the manager and both called me and tried not to be too ashamed taking about "ghosts".
I have been there until closure and helped around for cleaning (actual physical cleaning, with brushes and soap... XD) and it happened to see that shadow. I cannot say yet if this is an evil spirit or some other negative energy but they still complain and maybe it is true that it shouldn't be there anyway. They asked me to cleanse the shop but they also pretended me to do that on the spot, that night, giving me a tealight recycled from last party.


I had to explain that this is not the way it works... is not like a cheap feng shui. I told them I can work when the shop is closed but anyway there is a ritual to organize and perform.


This week I will prepare everything and close the tools in a box, ready for the ritual whenever these people will take it seriously.


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