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Greed monster




At the certain point of our life we face the moment of saying farewell to a dying member of our family. In those moments, other members of the family may thing that something more important has to be done. Something like put their hands on money and properties of the "beloved one" right before his death.


The seed of discord starts to sprout, harming the whole family where each member starts to curse each other. When "good readons" do not stand anymore, lies will take over. Such a seed has to be eradicated, but how?


We always have to focus not to our reasons, because we can always come out with a "because" that will support our thesis. Instead we should focus on the effects that our actions produce.


In August I will face such a situation and I have to gather a lot of energy and wisdom to guide people to let them face the consequences of their actions. I will try to fix the relationships between all the different members and also make peace with the departed one. Indeed, already three members of this family are experiencing nightmares, and heart issues that they feel are connected with a restless soul. I do not think that the old man is experiencing any pain or deprivation of peacefulness, but it is true that with our actions and attitude we welcome different spirits according to our intentions. Anger, call of vengeance, feelings of injustice will only ruin our life, and put our sous under the influence of evil spirits.


It is true, every action we perform in the physical world has a consequence that will extend on a different plane of the existence. This plane, although transcendental, is not distinct from what is our everyday perception of the world and matter, that is why they influence each other.


It is our duty to care about the relationships between these two plans of the existence and guide people to do the same in their own small way.



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