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Heavenly Crossroads



I love doing storm photography and I love the symbol of the crossroads, so this is a favorite of mine:




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Very cool....what camera do you use? I back photography a while back and use a Samsung S850 Digital. It gives me excellent quality photos.

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Anjel, if you can believe it, I'm still shooting with a Fuji FinePix S 5000. It's a bit dated, but still serving my purpose. I'd like a digitial SLR (this model was the step below SLR for Fuji when I bought it), but I haven't shelled the money out for one yet. I love the quality of the pictures from mine -- but am considering getting a good daylight filter for the lens (which requires an adapter, because the model I have isn't built for filters(!)


Lighting photos are usually shot with a tripod and an open shutter -- the ones I do are free hand with a short shutter speed. As you can imagine, it took quite a while to get a good shot! I'm so stubbron! :D


Glad you all liked the shot!

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