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Ancestor's Incense




In this period I was inspired to prepare a special incense to be used as altar offering to honor the ancestors.
For some witchcraft practitioners the cult of the ancestors constitutes a common practice. In many different circumstances we call upon them, we make memory and express reverence. We always receive support for our requests and as we receive from them, so we should give.
Alongside with food and candles, one traditional offering is the incense.


I was inspired to compose this particular mixture and I use it only as altar offerings for the ancestor spirits.


The incense is made of the following ingredients:


1 apricot;
Raisins and/or sultana - 1 part, equivalent of the apricot weight;
Red wine - bit less than 1 tablespoon.
Honey - half teaspoon
1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder;
half tablespoon of frankincence powder;
1/4 tablespoon of myrrh powder;


Soak the dried fruit in red wine for half an hour to 2 hours, drain the excess and add few drops of honey. Reduce everything to a paste in a mortar. Add the powders and mix preparing a paste. Alternatively you can use grains for the resins and soak the whole mixture in a lesser amount of wine and reduce everything to a thick paste with the help of mortar and pestle.


Wrap the mixture in parchment paper, like the one used for baking, forming a 1-2 cm wide rod. The incense has to cure for a minimum of 3 weeks then is cut into slices, consecrated and stored. The longer you keep it, the better is the aroma. I avoid air tight container and prefer a simple earthenware pot with a lid.


The correct way to burn this incense is the stove top method.


Please, let me know if you used this recipe and the impressions it gave to you.



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