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Evil Eye




Today I received a video call and a request to check the energy and spirits who were surrounding this person who believed herself to be victim of the Evil Eye.
During the past week she felt her energy drowned at work and she had bad days in which nothing seemed to work its way out.
Since I know this person pretty well, I told her that I could do the divination while she was calling.
Through the salt, oil and water it was confirmed that there was bag energy sent to her from many people, but that was not done on purpose. Some people simply do not know hot to keep healthy relationships at work and especially on the spiritual plane.


I cut out all the connection with those energies but lately I felt drowned and even a bit down.
We should never underestimate even the smallest and simplest spell because it will anyway require focus, spiritual work, energy, attention, will.. and we should always spend the right amount of time to prepare ourselves and always cast a strong protection.



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