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Bean Si Fiain Trail of Breadcrumbs

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From within an expansive darkness, devoid of all but self and safety, to the door of light and life and beyond the sands lay upon the shore.
Before the crash of Sea on Earth, a forest allows a path.
Every beach has it's stone, but fauna scares easily? Will the mist encroach?..Return.


It is important to remember the details of the visit to prepare for the crossing. As I prepare to embark on an epic Journey, the series Of Trees and Sand and Stone​ will serve as a secondary recording, kept as a poetic odyssey in the vein of many ancient Hero tales. Here I will scribe the secrets of the Journey as I have travelled it for those who'd relish the insight, but only for those who can take the time and effort to understand, as the depth is of the character, and the truth is of the will, the wisdoms are for those who would seek them.


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