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I have been away for what looks like 6 years? Wow a lot has changed since then. In reading my first entry into my Shadow blog it would appear that none of that has changed, only life style and places. Since my last entry I have specialized in Shadow work and integrating to the shadow self. Defining shadow self as that little black internal bag where we stuff everything that society says is no acceptable or the little voice of your parents or others telling you that is not okay. (ie: showing anger, boys don't cry, girls aren't aggressive) The bag that holds our temptations and our real feelings, what we want to say but don't. It is where we keep everything that is not politically correct. Since I have just returned to the site I will spend some time looking around and becoming more familiar (no, not my cat) before I continue with blog postings. It is nice to be back.


Scarlette :wiccanpie:


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