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Ramblings #2



So here we are.


In my last ramblings entry, I intimated that my life has hit kind of a rut as far as my path. I have decided to rededicate myself, review my basics and along the journey rediscover where it is I'm to go now.I was thinking about it, and reading through my Craft journals trying to figure out what steps I wanted to take next. As I read through my journey thus far, I had this supreme urge to go outside and commune with nature. So out I went. It was lovely outside, It had been storming the previous day, and the air had a delicious chill to it. The wind was blowing fairly hard, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky.


I sat in the grass and just closed my eyes listening to the sounds of the wind and birds around me. It brought to mind when I began practicing the craft. Back before I knew anything about it. I had my first ever book on the subject, and I was just a teen. Such things were forbidden in my Catholic home, so I snuck outside when my parents were busy, and ran through the huge backyard to a stand of evergreen trees, where I laid out my blanket and laid down to read, and learn. I remember those times with such fondness. I was alone with nature then, free from the influence of the church and able to do what my spirit demanded.


I remembered these times, which until now had been just a pleasant memory, seen in the mind like an old photograph you find by chance one day and smile fondly at. This time, when I remembered it, it was as vivid and bright as though it just happened an hour ago, and I knew the answer. It's time to get back to basics and in so doing, in retracing a path I walked before; I may stumble upon a small forest path branching away from it that I never noticed before, or perhaps was not ready to walk. The answer was clear, concise, and so vivid it was like nature herself crouched down and murmured it in my ear.


So I will re-dedicate myself to re-learning things I think I already know, and in so doing seeking out the road I'm supposed to find.


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