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Once again, I want to share something & it has to be on TW because my kids follow me everywhere else. A bit of background for those not in-the-know: 2 of my 3 kids are not blood; my daughter & #2 son, who is her biological brother.


Daughter is expecting grandchild #5 any day. I make a teddy bear for each grandchild (they're all different) and put a sardonyx in the tummy of each one - my birthstone and a nicely protective stone at the same time. When I was home (Minneapolis) last year, I visited my favorite rock shop & picked out three sardonyx that spoke to me.


Daughter & son-in-law do not check the gender until birth. But when she announced she was pregnant, the spirits told me it would be another girl. Naturally, I haven't said anything to anyone.


Today, I was finishing Squirmy's (their nickname) bear and pulled out the sardonyx to pick one & put it in the tummy. Problem is, I couldn't blindly pick one because they're not all the same size. So, I laid them out in a line & did a quick post on Facebook asking someone who was online at the moment to pick a number between one and three. #2 son was the first to respond with "2". The stone in the second spot was a small, almost bright pink stone. Unusual for a sardonyx but that's what it is!


I love it when things like this happen.


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How exciting! And sounds like a fitting and unique stone. I am getting the sense she will be a very special girl :)

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so cool! And what a special thing to do for each new birth

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Mountain Witch


Grandchild #5 is a boy! They gave him an ... unusual name which sounds more feminine to both hubby & me than masculine but hey...


Watching him grow up will be interesting!

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