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Funny Altar incident



I have been leaving a cigarette and water for my grandfather's ancestor altar. Today I found that some how someone had taken the cigarette and dowsed it in the water, broken off the tip and laid it back in the exact same spot where I left it. I was grossed out to see the water turned yellow and had bits of tobacco floating around in it. The cigarette turned brown from being wet. It was dry when I found it.


The night before I was joking with my fiancé that I would smoke the cigarettes once he was done with them. My grandfather pretty much died because of cigarettes. So I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want me to smoke them. HAHA.



It is possible it could have been my cat. Although I'm not sure how she would manage to put the cigarette in the cup and take the cigarette out of the cup with her paw and put it back where it was with out making a bigger mess. I even smelled her paws for the scent of tobacco and couldn't.


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