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Building Blocks



As my life goes on and gets crazier and crazier, I have come to the realization that I am not happy here. I have been isolated for two months now, I haven't spent time with people outside of my family for those two months. I can feel myself becoming awkward. On the bright side, I am learning to listen to the world around me. On the down side....this fucking sucks. I need to break out of my shell. I am stuck in this house on this weird ass hill with all these spirits and animals and plants and it is killing me. I can't wait until I get a new vehicle so I can socialize again, I hate depending on people, and I hate, above all else, being stuck.


But, my practice has come along, with all the quiet time I've been allotted. As always I am learning so much that it is nearly overwhelming sometimes -not about my craft, but about myself. Hobbies I didn't know I would enjoy, beings I didn't know I would mesh with or ever meet, senses I was unaware of.


This summer feels like the Darkness is all around me. It shouldn't feel this way...I need to change it.


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