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Meeting the lady in the storm



This evening has been riddled with a crazy ass thunderstorm, which hung right over my village which resides on a hill top. We catch some bad storms but this one was insane, thunder and lightning like crazy and rain pouring like a waterfall. I have felt energy from storms before, but not like this. These last few months have shown me that I have a growing affinity for earth-bound things, and apparently storms are no different.


I had an excellent session with the storm, where I met what I can only describe as a "lady" in the storm, an entity not human but mostly feminine-feeling, who showed me "her" potential to inspire both incredible love and terrible fear - "she" gathers the current existing in the air during the storm and bolts it through the sky, jumping it through the material in the sky as "her" own highway of raw power. This electrical power "she" gathers and utilizes is the same power which keeps us living, breathing, moving... the tiny pulses of our own living energy, and so much more.


I wonder, is this "lady" in every storm? Are there different entities for different storms? Or perhaps, was it the energy of the thunderstorm personifying itself? I do not know, but I will never forget feeling like a living, breathing sparkler, or seeing how quickly she could energize or end me. A few days ago, the breeze taught me a song to bring it to me, pulling it deep from my diaphragm and showing me with my own lips how to call it - I tried using the song after my initial session with the storm and she did not approve - "she" is not the wind, and will not be beckoned like the wind.


I do not know what Path I am stepping in to, and I do not understand most of what I have seen, heard, smelled, and felt, but the power I have seen these last few months and particularly this evening, is humbling and fascinating. I am honored to have seen a tiny, tiny handful of the mysteries which exist on this crazy, beautiful, complex rock which spins like a dancer through the cosmos.

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I cannot put into words how magnificent this blog post is.

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WOW Raven! What an experience! Hope you get the information you are looking for!

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So far, I haven't gotten much else except for the initial experience. Stepping away from the high energy of it made me realize the connections between some things that I didn't see before. I cannot wait for the next storm to see if she's there - this will bring more conclusions that I seek.

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