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Witch of the Huron River

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What does it mean to have this crown?



Many of you know I had done the Toadbone Rite.


Since starting the rite, I had noticed many changes. The number One change was that spirits listen to what I have to say and obey. Examples are in previous posts.


Number two change is that I can hear them more clearly in channeling, and have even tested the accuracy (i.e. someone has placed something in their yard, I ask a spirit what it is, and confirm. "Spirit says you put a bell there" - "Yes, I put a bell there.")


And number three, I'm a bit more confident.


I had heard someone title the toad's bone, once obtained after having successfully done the rite, as a crown. Which, frankly, is pretty funny since the small antique silver perfume bottle I put it in has a crown on it.


But, what does it mean to have this crown?


"mastery over man, animals, and spirits."


I have heard some people say that it depends on how you do the rite, which determines which of the three you have mastery over. Some said you would do the rite this one way, and you would have mastery over horses, rather than spirits. This other way, and it would be spirits, rather than animals.


"what did you do the rite for?" i was asked. "spirits" i answered, on account of me being a spiritworker.


Which this of course can be totally incorrect, but me being without a teacher, and there being a piss-poor amount of information available on the subject, I have no choice but to follow my own guidance.


So I ask myself again, what does it mean to have this crown?


There is a friend in town, whom all my friends also know, that since childhood had been severely afflicted with a spirit. My good friend Tuuli, having a strong background on the subject, says it really is more of a Djinn. Our friend is literally being destroyed by it. It is beyond bad luck (a van crashing through their brand new apartment, losing everything, literally 0% of any mail he sends out actually makes it to it's destination), but it is also destroying his spine (Tuuli had seen it piggy-backing him). We watched him go from just having to use a cane, to being in a wheel chair. Things happen around their house. Their dog even just got diagnosed with cancer. It is destroying everything in their life.


Tuuli, in the past, was going to try and help get rid of it, but she soon realized it was too strong and too wild.


So what does it mean... It means I need to try it. I was not strong enough before, but I do have the bone now and I cannot sit by while a friend is being destroyed.


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Eww, what a nasty. Might want to ask how to lay/destroy that thing. I can imagine when you rid him of it it might attach itself to a close friend or family member in order to keep fucking with him... I wonder if a demon even counts under the ritey rules.

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Yeah Pikku, I did some divination and it's out of my league. This, it turns out, is a family ordeal (which was confirmed that his relatives and ancestors had this kind of.. curse. Apparently his distant ancestors were pirates). He's going to have to appeal to his ancestors for help. 

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That really bites. I wouldn't be surprised if it grows momentum with each generation. I hope his ancestors are strong enough to help him (my fingers are crossed).

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Yeah I hope so too! pretty sure he's the last of his line, so maybe it's trying to get it's fill now. 

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Is it more like a dark unnamable thing, or is it one of those sparkly guys? Not entirely certain what you mean by djinn, are you using the djinn/djann/ifrit distinction or is this a more esoteric definition?

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I don't know if it is a djinn or not, but Tuuli was researching them. To me, they just sound like insanely powerful spirits/entities. Not really sure if there's a big distinction or not. 

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