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Pruning Darkness



This summer has been filled with mostly dark workings. I can feel it beginning to chip away at me. This is the first time Darkness has affected me this way, and I see now why people strive for balance.


I have been surrounded by a lot of fluffy, white light people. I tried fighting it at first, but I think it is the universe's way of telling me to incorporate more Light into my craft, or else I will be damaged from it. I have not been truly balanced for a long time, and as each year passes my workings get darker.


I wonder what the consequences to doing only Dark work would be? It feels very wearing so far, and it is not the path for me. This recent plunge into Darkness has shown me how truly imbalanced people who work only with the Light are - certainly it has its downsides as well, how can those people not feel the consequences of their one-sided work?


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I've always felt that the most dangerous witches are those who can be whatever kind of witch they need to be for a given situation: not "any kind of witch" as in competent in countless Traditions, but rather holding the ability to instantly access and wield the full intensity of Light, Dark, or the In-Between for whatever it is that they need to accomplish.  I also believe that it takes the occasional immersion in each of those aspects for a witch to stay truly sharp and on point.  When I delve into the Darkness (either voluntarily or Led), I embrace it as a boot camp of sorts: yeah, it's going to have moments of pure suckiness, but damn if my muscles aren't bigger when I get out.  Going all fluffy White and shit allows me to reconnect with the beauty of human life and Nature- the Lessons learned during these times is what gives me motivation to be as competent as I can be with what I do behind closed doors, alone on the beach, and deep in the woods.  :)

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wonderful perspectives, Imam. You touched on the balance well. This summer had also gone very dark for me, and for awhile I thought I was turning into a truly evil person. It wasn't until after I sat at the pond near me and lovingly watched the tadpoles swim, and had connected with the spirit of the pond, asking it to foster and care for them, so they could all have a good fighting chance to grow, that I realized being light where light is required, and dark where dark is necessary is what being a Witch is all about. 

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I'm also surrounded by fluffy White light people. So I hear you on finding balance.

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