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Witch of the Huron River

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So I go to the river...



I was considering not actually posting the happenings of last night on here... but I feel like it'd be something I would want to read in the future, and might help out someone else who is going through the rite (since there are precious few actual accounts recorded).


First off, night before: a visitation by a creepy toad spirit and a dream where I had the bone in my hand. Taken as a good sign.


Now for the river:

Tuuli joined me at the river for the final seven spheres ritual (the moon) at 10:30 pm. As we were lighting the candles along the edge of the river, we saw a huge jet stream cloud cross right over the moon. Finding that as an interesting sign, we continued.


...only to hear a rabbit doing it's death scream in the bushes next to us. It took the thing about 5 minutes to die, as it just screeched and screamed and filled us with ominous feelings. I continued the conjuring of the intelligences of the moon, and when I got to the part of "you may now depart" a loud gunshot was heard in the distance.


We then had an hour before I had to toss the bones in the river, which we spent talking and scoping out good spots. Tuuli walked ahead and said she found an interesting spot near the rabbit's tracks. Sure enough, there were wet rabbit feet going right into the river, and I decided I'd do it in that area.


When it got closer to midnight, Tuuli walked far down the path to be out of my way and not be a distraction. I sat on the rock in the middle of the river and waited. I didn't let the shuffling footsteps I heard around me distract me (coming from the other large flat rocks in the river). One minute to midnight, I hear Tuuli do a loud, short yell/scream (kinda like a yelp). I knew it had to be a part of the trick, because she knew not to disturb me at all costs. Midnight, I got close to the water and sprinkled them in.


There were no screams, no wails, no world-tumbling-down. Just me watching the bones go. There wasn't one going up stream. Remembering an older version of the rite say to just "get the last bone", meaning grab the one trailing behind, I did just that. It was slippery. The one I got was actually the mummified looking hand of the toad, that weirdly looks like a tiny person's hand. I put it in my silver container (which has a little crown engraved on it... i love working at an antique store), sealed it, and put it in my pocket.


I walked down the path to meet up with Tuuli. I felt odd. Like i was watching a different world through a screen that I can interact with. I wasn't afraid. I told Tuuli how it went and asked her about the yell. She said she didn't make a sound, and I kinda expected that was the case.


As we were walking back, she said I felt different. When I asked how, she said it felt like I was about to hit her lol which I would never do (unless I really wanted to blindly walk into traffic with an angry witch controlling my brain). When I related that bit to my sister (also an aspiring toadwitch), she said it was probably the feeling of new energy just below the surface ready to come out, which could be felt as an ominous pending violent action.


Nothing odd happened in my dreams that night.


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