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Witch of the Huron River

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Shit's gettin real




There is now only one week until I go to the river and toss in the bones.


I was fairly certain I wasn't following the rules with this toad thing. I didn't even look to see when I hung it, and was pretty sure that when the next full moon comes around, where I would go to the river and toss them in, wouldn't equal a full month from when I hung it.


But... it is. Turns out I hung the toad on the full moon Sunday May 3rd, and will be taking it to the river midnight, the night of June 2nd.


And when I realized this I saw the wheels of the Rite. The Rite then appeared like a conscious being, like a wheel, a mechanical entity of another realm that picks and chooses who can and who can't start it.


A couple weeks ago I was talking with a coworker who is not a witch, but is magickally inclined/interested. I wasn't careful with my words, as you can see I am pretty open about my experiences. She had mentioned she found a full toad skeleton, in tact, in a parking lot last year. She had kept it since then. I mentioned my toad, and the Rite I am doing.


A few days later she came up to me and told me how she had looked into the Rite and decided to give it a try. She went to get the skeleton and it was gone, which she had just checked on it several weeks prior to make sure it was still there and it was. She then laughed and said "I guess I'm not meant to do it." I got chills. My carelessness possibly put her in danger. Before that I hadn't thought of the Rite as anything particularly dangerous to even attempt, though all the sources I had read said it was.


I was also never fully 100% certain that any of this was real, despite 12 years of experience. Yesterday, however, it came to me. It was, in fact, real. All of it. This realization came when someone had informed me that a particular guy I helped mentally drive an entity out of, the 2nd one I've ever done (not the one in previous blog posts), oddly had not continuously bugged her via texts after they had sex, which was his OCD and paranoia norm. He told me he wasn't kept up at night with self-deprecating thoughts either. Which was his life-long affliction.


And I was seeing it... the final effects of completing the Rite slowly leaking into me already. Never before was I able to tell an entity to leave successfully. They had only ever laughed at my attempts to assert myself and then would slam a door or knock something off a shelf to show they know who's really in charge.


I was having these thoughts last night before going to sleep, and it carried over into my dreams. I saw entities trying to fuck with me, but I ultimate overcame, I saw an initiation being carried out with a group of people who wanted a Bear Walk as an ally (a very VERY powerful ally), a way to become a bear-walker, which has always been a carefully guarded secret in Native American cultures. When I woke up I felt like I had trespassed on an entire culture, and for that I apologize to any Native Americans who read this.


It's just all molding together into the Wheel which is this Rite...



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