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The temptation of leading a normal life



Once or twice every year or so, mostly after I have become overwhelmingly involved in many magical pursuits, I get hit with the strong temptation to just stop. This is different than "taking a break", which can actually be very useful to a witch. This is the desire to cut it all out and lead a 'normal' life.


What a burden would be taken off my shoulders! Just deny any of this is real? What true proof do I have anyway? What if life really is as simple as just the physical world?


Oh it's a sweet thought, but one I know isn't true. Not because I "know in my heart it's real" or any bs like that. I know it's real because there's too much proof out there. My experiences and others. Someone else physically seeing my familiar, on the physical plane, (and getting incredibly freaked out) exactly how it looks and describe it perfectly to me without a hint of it's appearance? I do a money spell and three hours later I end up with an extra $1452.00 cash from three different sources, a crazy man telling me god wanted him to give me the money, a little old lady who was happy i returned her purse, and money found on the bathroom floor.....? Come on. I've had atheists say to me that believing in magic is the lazy way of viewing science and coincidences and was just a way for someone to believe the world is a more interesting place than it really is.


But in all honesty, 'coincidences' are the lazy way of viewing it, because you don't want to have to believe that there are other things out there, a vast innumerable amount of Other Things, and innumerable dimensions and worlds and paradigms...


And then I remember, this atheist who provides a very tempting argument... is the same atheist I secretly drove an entity out of to cure him of his life-long crippling depression and self-deprecation. Which is now over a week in success. And I realize... if I were to deny any of this and lead a 'normal' life, not only would I be denying the truth of the situation, but I would be leaving myself and those I protect totally open to all of this.


Like fish in a barrel.


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I don't think a witch COULD just leave it. I've thought about it...even tried it, once. During that time, a shit storm started a-brewing which required me to get back into it. Even without the practicing part, I still saw, felt, dreamed, and knew things, I still influenced things. Once you feel the threads you can pull, there is no going back I think.


However, I like to fantasize about it. It must be boring. 

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I think there is no such thing as a 'normal' life. Many people live a magick-less life and have a great time. I know more than one person who, after it's almost destroyed their lives (because of their careless attitude), can't stay one day without ritual because they are terribly afraid they'd be 'normal'. And I know one who, even when it was clear that witchcraft wasn't doing any good for her, never stopped because of the fear of being 'normal'. It ended in suicide. Some of the 'normal' people I know are amazing :smile:

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Eeeee that's scary that people have such a heavy fear of being 'normal'. I guess I mostly meant it in the context of magick-less and atheist. But I guess you can take it as far as "i only buy furniture out of an ikea catalog and have a professional respectable job" Game of Life style.


That poor girl, who continued with witchcraft even though she shouldn't have, and ended up killing herself. Breaks my heart to hear that.

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I've tried taking a break. But I just can't. Something just keeps pulling me back, and I have to trust it, and go on, or else I'll be stuck forever.

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