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Witch of the Huron River

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An update: further progress and the shadow of Venus



As any of you know who are reading my blog, Tuuli and I are doing the seven spheres ritual that was created by Rufus Opus. This is where you do a ritual for a specific planet on that planet's day and hour. Generally you are given 'gifts' from the intelligences of these planets when you do it right, and these gifts generally go along with what that planet governs (i.e. Jupiter = money and or power etc).


So far I've gone through Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. Tomorrow is Venus.


I haven't felt too much coming at me from the Venus lane, except for maybe a serious chat with my SO that led to an understanding that we believe two totally different things and that's o.k.


However, I have felt this parallel ritual very strongly. For anyone who doesn't know, the starting of this seven spheres ritual begot the starting of the Toad Bone Rite, when I had found a dead toad 30 minutes after doing the Jupiter ritual. Little more than that happened... but you can just read my previous posts, I seem to be really open about it (since you guys are incredibly helpful).


But I'm going to move on to the new stuff. After that little bit where I found I am now apparently able to tell spirits what to do (which is still hard to believe to me, but the evidence is there), I was talking to this cunningman about it all. I told him about helping my SO get rid of an entity that had been dragging him down his entire life. Well, turns out this cunningman has also had to deal with crippling self deprecation, severe OCD, paranoia, insomnia and nightmares. I listened to him for a good long while before deciding it was even an entity, which to me it sounded like it was. We were out back in the alley having a smoke when he asked if maybe I could try helping him out. If it didn't work, oh well, but was worth a try. I thought why not. We sit on the ground and I put my hands on his head and shut my eyes, trying to feel for anything.


Well, I felt it. Sure as shit he had some bad stuff in there, probably more than one. Made sense too, cuz even though I consider this guy a cunningman, he doesn't know much about proper magic such as shielding. I told him it was going to take a sec, and to not be alarmed by my long silence. It was like digging out a big rotten oak. It didn't want to leave, that was for sure. In the end I told them all to leave and it felt like wind blowing them away. He said he felt better, but I wasn't prepared to believe anything until a few days.


Well a few days go by and he said he had the best sleep, and shitty thoughts didn't keep him up all night. I told him what you guys suggested, to do things to fill the void and get his life on track so habit doesn't try to come back. I guess we'll see what happens.


Anyway, I'm making sure I'm prepared for this Venus ritual, and I'm going to take them all more seriously. I think all of this is related to my Toad rite, and I want to make sure I do it all correctly.


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