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Sphere of The Sun Ritual: Deep Disappointments, Powerful Synchronicities



Those of you who have been reading my blogs or have been doing the rituals with me know the basic ritual outline so I won't get into that. Just the results...


During the contemplation phase I asked to be initiated into the sphere of the Sun and I immediately heard a very loud voice right outside my door. Except I was the only person there. Though it was very audible, I couldn't understand what it is they said. It could have been some of the echo from my voice playing tricks on me but I don't know... That's about it lol! Of all the spherical initiation rites I've done so far, this has been the most lackluster.


I don't normally share this (I have this overwhelming fear that everyone always thinks I'm lying so I try not to share too much about myself) but when I was a small child, 5 or 6, I had an encounter with the angel Michael. I won't go into too much detail. I'm just stating that to say I was very hurt and disappointed that I wasn't given a reunion. I was hoping to have this ah ha moment in which 'all of it' makes sense and with Michael before me in all his luminous glory saying "congratulations, you finally made it back to me! Now, here are your next steps". But nothing.


My back was hurting and I couldn't get into a comfortable enough position to meditate. I saw some flickers of light over the table of art.


One interesting thing is that when I picked up my wand and prepared to dismiss the spirit, I got the intense feeling that I should wait. I then, without thinking said: "Michael grant me your light. Move the light through my mind, my heart, my body and soul. Grant me the power of the Christ light". It freaked me out how effortlessly the words came out, in a stream of consciousness.As if my higher self was like *mic snatch* "here, let me". Weird. I closed the ritual and went home.


Since then I've had odd synchronicities and full circle moments. I felt compelled to start reading this book I have on the esoteric/occult significance of Christ and the bible. As I skimmed the pages I came across a chapter that explains the occult significance of some of the bible passages. One section broke down the significance of a particular prayer/passage in the bible. One line read:


"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God".

Keynote: Purity and Transmutation through love.

Planet: Sun

Tree Of Life: Tiphareth (beauty)



1.For years I had this friend. We had a very, very odd sense of humor so we had lot's of nonsensical jokes that made us laugh. One of them was opening our eyes very wide and looking at each other while yelling Purityyyy! Lmao!


2.I used to sing professionally. One year I was in a production of a musical called Godspell. It's an odd musical from the 70's about some kids on drugs wandering into an abandoned building and meeting Jesus lol! It wasn't meant to be a Christian play, but modern Christians have claimed it as their own. Anywho, I distinctly remember one of my lines being "Blessed are the pure in heart" to which the man playing Jesus replied "for they shall see God".


3. I was doing a rite to the Sun.


I'm not sure if these are just odd coincidences or Michael saying "Duh bitch, I've been with you the whole time, just keep going".


I don't know....Venus rite on Friday...I may do another Jupiter rite this Thursday so I can make a Jupiter infused money talisman....Stay tuned.


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