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The Sun ritual



I wasn't originally going to post anything on this, but since some may be wondering how the Sun ritual went I'll just throw out a quick blurb.


Really nothing spectacular happened. I missed the window to do it at sun rise, which would have been ideal, so I did it at 10:30 at night, which was not ideal.

But, with this particular ritual I seemed a bit more prepared. I had cut a lemon in half, had a yellow candle, plenty of frankincense, and all the stuff drawn out. The main issue was, however, that I was not in my own home in front of my altar. I was at a friends house and we set an alarm while we were watching Wild at Heart, so that I would not miss the window to do it.


The ritual seemed very matter-of-fact and to-the-point and other ways of saying kinda lack-luster. The only thing was, once again, while doing my visual of the symbols, I felt a little intoxicated. This time, however, I asked if the Angel was there and if he could show us a sign, and the floorboards creeked. Good 'nuff, right? Anyway... I had usually found that the things I get in return for these rites generally come just before (except for the occasion with the toad), so I am prepared to thank the intelligences of the Sun for my recent "mastery over spirits".


that's all.

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Yay!  We're doing it...I wish your phone was on lol!

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