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Off from school

Dark Phoenix


Greetings all,


Today (September 13) I have off from school because of Rashashana, the Jewish new year. Now thats all fine and good because I have off and realize the Jews need to celebrate holidays too. HOWEVER, why do we not have off fo Pagan holidays? I just dont think its fair..at all!!! As the countdown on the main webpage here says, we have 9 days until the autumn equinox. I do not believe my school gives us off for that. And my biggest complaint: Samhain!!! We dont even have off for Samhain! Now I am not just wanting yet another day off frrom school to rest or anything. I think it is unfair. Ok thanks for listening to yet another rant of mine!!!


(*Note* No one in my school is even jewish!!!)


Joe :cool:


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I agree - I am surprised that you are actually getting a Jewish holiday as well. Having said that, I will be VERY surprised if any of the Sabbats are ever recognized as a holiday. The xians will see that no Pagan holiday will ever be recognized, unless it is within a xian context. Wicca is being recognized more and more as a religion but not as an "organized" religion on the same level as xianity, Judism, and Islam. Schools can only recognize so many religious days off so don't get too accostomed to not going to school.

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Your point and question is a very good one. Unfortunately with the over flowing of Christianity and other "mainstream" religions...our Pagan ones who all too often ignored.


Perhaps one day things will change :)

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