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Witch of the Huron River

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What happened that night



The night of my last blog post ended on an interesting note. I didn't want to post about it or really talk about it much until I was 100% certain it had worked.


Here's the background... my fella in my life has been battling a form of crippling depression and self deprecation just about his entire life.


Many times it would leave him entirely helpless, just sitting in a chair with his head bowed, totally deaf to anything I said and in obvious mental anguish. A few times he tried to explain to me how oppressive his thoughts can be, how something in him judges his every action. "You don't get that?" he asked me once. "Hell no! I'd squash that shit immediately!" was my reply. Which wasn't very helpful.


It was affecting things. I didn't know how to help. I'm not very good at that sort of thing. The way I was raised, you just say "get over it."


Days go by. He'll lay in bed as I brush back the hair from his face. He's like a corpse, I think to myself, then shake off the image.


I had read Pikku's post about what she went through and was reminded of him. Could it be an entity? I never consider the effect spirits have on our daily lives. I started to wonder how I might be able to try and make it leave, if it was, without him knowing. I'm not exactly out of the broomcloset with him, you see. What happens if the possible entity tries to fight me? Cussing and causing mischief? I put it on the backburner, not ready for that.


Well, that night... the one I last posted about, left me wondering if it's just that simple. Tell it to leave. Easy. It's worth a try.


I get home and my guy is in bed asleep. I brush back his hair again. I think of his stormy mind and I imagine digging down deep to the roots of the cause. One entity. Getting this energy from him. I understand it, things need energy to survive. But, sorry Mac, you can't stay here. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I hear a pound on the wall. Nope, time to go now. You can't stay here.


And that's that. I didn't want to post sooner because I didn't want to jinx it.


But it's been 5 days. Five really wonderful days. Five incomparable days. Everything has changed. Every little thing that would normally cause a day of depression just passes off his back. I can't even explain it properly. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.


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I'm so pleased you've freed yourselves from this entity. Sounds like for your partner this is a new beginning! You might want to consider a little after care for your partner now- Such as a spell to help get his life back on track? I felt amazing for the first two weeks but it proves to be very difficult to change life long habits, so don't be surprised if he goes back to doing things he did before just because there is security in habits. Lots of motivation to keep the wheel turning to a point he's far away from it and there aren't daily reminders of the way he's structured his life around this parasite and it's needs.

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